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Welcome to our main portal to resources and information for our health care providers and professional organizations.


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The DH 680 (manual) Florida Certification of Immunization is available at the State Distribution Center. Though forms on-hand may still be used, only the newer forms are available in bulk. The sample can be viewed at:

The manually completed card is form DH 680, stock number 5740-000-0680-6, packaged 200/pack.

The DH 680 computer paper, for use with the Florida State Health Online Tracking System (SHOTS), is shrink-wrapped at 200/pack and is stock number 5740-099-0680-0.

Healthcare providers may elect to order their supply of forms directly from the State Distribution Center. Forms are available to Florida providers for a nominal shipping and handling fee. The State Distribution Center contact information is 850-414-8086.

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