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office of community health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified Winnable Battles which are public health priorities where CDC and public health can make significant progress in a relatively short timeframe, and the Orange County Health Department has been working for years to win the fight in these Winnable Battles.  They are:

  • Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

  • HIV

  • Motor Vehicle Injuries

  • Obesity, Nutrition and Food Safety

  • Teen Pregnancy

  • Tobacco

CDC leaders have identified these 6 Winnable Battles based on the magnitude of the health problems and public health’s ability to make significant progress in improving outcomes. Focusing on known prevention strategies to intervene will have a large-scale impact on health and will  not only protect the public’s health and safety, but will also save money.  The charge under Winnable Battles is to identify optimal strategies and to rally resources and partnerships to accelerate a measurable impact on health and our

The following is how the Orange County Health Department is working to impact these Winnable Battles: