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Flu & Pneumonia

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Seasonal Flu and Pneumonia Shots Available:

The Immunization Clinic opens at 7:30am. Clients are encouraged to arrive early to obtain a walk-in ticket.

Due to the high demand for immunization services, no appointments are given. Immunization services are provided on a walk-in basis only. The number of tickets issued is determined by daily staffing levels. If the maximum daily number of tickets are issued prior to 2:00pm no further tickets will be issued. Tickets will continue to be issued until 2:00pm if the maximum number of tickets has not been issued.

child getting flu shot Because prices are subject to change, for the month of September Influenza is $28.00, High dose flu (for clients 65 and older) is $44.50 and FluMist (for clients that are eligible) is $39.70 and the Pneumonia shot is $78.96 (the price list for September 2012 is on our Sharepoint). The background information for flu and Pneumonia is correct.

**We are closed on the second Friday’s of each month except in July and August (Back to School). Thanks. Have questions about the flu shot? Call our office at 407-836-2502.