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Migrant Labor

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The Migrant Labor program protects the health and safety of migrant farm workers both in housing matters and assures that satisfactory field sanitation facilities are provided.

Migrant Labor Camps are regulated under Chapter 64E-14 of the Florida Administrative Code.

Migrant Labor camps are inspected monthly during the harvesting season. In Central Florida, this usually runs from October 1 - May 1.

We currently have only 2 permitted labor camps in Orange County.  Over recent years, this has been a declining program in Orange County primarily due to freezes and the decline of farming in our county.

Anyone wishing to open a Migrant Labor Camp or offer housing to Migrant Farm Workers must submit an application for an Annual Permit (PDF 11kb)   to the Orange County Health Department at least 30 days before beginning operation of the camp.

Annual operating permits are issued by the Florida Department of Health Orange County. The permit fee is based on the number of occupants.

Migrant housing must meet local building & fire codes.  A satisfactory fire inspection report must be provided each year before the camp can open for operation.

The permit year runs from October 1 - September 30 of each year.