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Lead Poisioning Prevention

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Lead is a naturally occuring metal that has been used to make many products. Lead poisoning occurs when too much lead gets into the body.

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program is managed by a team of Environmental Health specialists and an Epidemiology Nurse Case Manager.

In addition to reporting children with high blood lead levels, the team conducts home visits for children with lead poisoning to provide education on lead prevention in the home and environmental assessments.

The equipment used during environmental inspections assists in determining the source of lead poisoning by identifying the presence of lead in paint, dust, soil or other items.

The lead prevention team provides education and specific recommendations to parents on how to decrease their child’s exposure to lead at the time of the visit. Quick identification of the source helps to decrease the child’s exposure to lead.

Some of the most common sources of lead are:

An Environmental Health Specialist can provide an inspection of your home for $60.00 Please call 407-858-1497 for an appointment.